Crab Island


Yesterday, I woke up to Neyleen asking me if I wanted coffee. It was 9 am and we were getting ready to go to the beach. I expected to go to a normal, tourist beach. Instead, Neyleen and I went to this tiny little beach, that has never really been touched by a tourist’s foot. The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. First, we started off with some yoga, then we got into the ankle deep water ( the tide was low). I was watching the minnows swimming around when I heard Neyleen scream and run out of the water. I looked over to where she had been standing, and spot this little blue crab dancing around before digging himself back into the sand. After the first crab sighting, Neyleen figured out that we were only one mile away from Crab Island. We were excited now, and decided that it would be a good idea to walk there, and it was.

After walking for about 5 minutes, Neyleen finds 2 tiny hermit crabs. She handed me one and I named him Bernard, she named hers Clementine. We put Berndard and Clementine in 2 seperate, pretty huge seashells, and put water in them. While we walked to crab island, we stopped every so often to laugh at the crabs, to watch them eat, or mate. It was pretty fascinating. Later, we found a whole family of hermit crabs, attatched to the leg of what used to be a pier. This was where we parted with our little friends. We continued walking.

About 20 minutes later, the sand started to feel spongy underneath our feet. 5 minutes later, it began to feel really slippery in some areas. I bent down and scooped it up. It was clay! natural, from the ocean, free, clay! I was so confused and so happy with this discovery that I sat down and instantly began to mold shapes, that eventually turned into a face. Neyleen joined me. We sat there for about an hour, playing in the sea mud. We look to our left and Neyleen points out crab island. It looked normal enough from where we were.

Finally, we decide that we should continue on our adventure. After walking for 10 minutes, the whole beach was covered in this strange sea clay. The only part that was clay-free was the highest part of the beach, where the water never reached. We slipped and slided along, on our way to crab island. From here on, everything looked so surreal. Dead mangroves were seats for vultures, driftwood poked out of the clay at odd angles, crabs glided into their tiny clay homes. We eventually reached a small moat, and across it was crab island. The clay under this moat water, was almost like quicksand. Neyleen was afraid to cross, so I crossed first, being careful not to step on any wood or crabs. Neyleen walked behind me. We finally reached our destination, we were on crab island.

There was not a single human in sight. Not a house, or a car, or even a street. We walked a little longer, and found this mangrove that had been knocked over by a storm. We ducked under it. What I saw next was stranger than anything that I have previously described. There were crabs, hundreds upon hundreds of crabs! You could hear their little legs clicking along, you could see shadows on the surface of the water, implying that there were even more under the water of the moat that we had crossed. They were even hanging out on the trees surrounding us. I have to admit that this day was turning out to be one of the strangest days of my life. Even the sky looked strange! It was the deepest blue that i had ever seen. The ocean was a lighter shade of blue than the sky was. We hung out on Crab Island for about 10 minutes, then we decided that it was time to head back and drink the water that we had left behind.


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