Meditating on spare change


This is the time of year when it feels as if the world has flipped and the sky is the ground and the ground is the sky…We are all going through a series of major, life changing changes. Whether it feels great or terrible, it is usually for the best. Lately, I have learned how to cope with my own major changes by practicing a simple yet effective breathing/ imagining exercise, some of which I came up with while on the bus from Gainesville to Miami while drifting off into a state of lucid dreaming.


This is a simple stress relieving exercise that can be done anywhere. Even in the middle of an extremely stressful situation.

– Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

-When you inhale, think of anything that is positive and inhale it. Picture the positive energy entering through your nose, and flowing through your entire body. Hold your breath for at least 5 seconds.

-Exhale through your mouth. Picture a cloud of gray or black coming out of your mouth. This is the negative energy being pushed out by the positive energy.

Simple yet effective.


This exercise should only be performed while laying in bed and trying to fall asleep

-Get comfortable, pray, do whatever it is that you do before you fall asleep.

-Imagine yourself doing something that you really want to do. For example: When I was little, I used to picture myself running through the desert with the Little Prince. I also used to picture myself playing man hunt inside of Hogwarts with all of the characters from the Harry Potter series.

-This exercise is great because it helps build a foundation for that night of dreams.

– The key to this exercise is not to hold back. No body is going to know what you are thinking about, therefore you can let your imagination run wild. You can do anything that you want, you can go anywhere that you want to go, and you can be with whoever you want to be with. The only rule is: it has to be positive. Negativity can be the highway to a nightmare.

CAUTION: Do not try this imagination exercise first thing in the morning because, chances are, you will not get out of bed…I should know.


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