Last night was a lot of fun. Kevin came over around 7 and we instantly started drinking…or, I started at least. After half an hour and my second glass of wine, I pulled out our old 7th grade yearbook. We sat around making fun of people and having many nostalgic moments until Neyleen came outside to show us a ridiculous video of the biggest pimple ever, being popped. I later took the liberty of showing this to Amanda and my mom. Amanda sat next to me gagging and dry heaving, my mom was telling us to turn it off, and Kevin and I were laughing so hard that I started drooling, and he fell off of Amanda’s bed. Later, Neyleen decided that she wanted to start drinking too, and Kevin’s Vodka mysteriously disappeared so he also needed to get mas vino. Neyleen, Kevin, and I set out on a gas station/ Windixie adventure.

When we got to Dirty Dixie, I suddenly had to break the seal. I drunkenly ran through the aisles looking for the bathrooms. I found the sign in the very back of the store, partially hidden by a mountain of boxes. I shoved through this cardboard mass and realized that I was in the warehouse back part of Windixie. In my foggy state of mind, this discovery made me really excited! I felt like I had just discovered some sort of hidden treasure or something. For some unexplainable reason, I started running around, playing with things, and ate someone’s peanuts. After I realized that the peanuts were not mine, and how drunk I was, I remembered the reason why I went back there in the first place. Eventually, I found the bathrooms and while I was peeing, I got my first real cigarette craving ever. SO, what did I do?…I lit one up and smoked a cigarette in the Windixie bathrooms.

When I walked out, I found Neyleen and Kevin in line waiting to pay. We walked back to my mom’s house, and talked about the San Juan festival. When we got home, we wrote down all of our troubles from last year (mine was really intimate) then burned the sheets of paper, and watched as our problems turned into ash. At this point, I was a bottle in. Kevin and I started talking about the meaning of life and love and what we live for, when the porch started spinning. I knew that I was going to puke and there was no stopping the inevitable so I ran to the bathroom, hung myself over the toilet and prepared for Armageddon. The next thing I know, I am sitting on the couch all snuggled up in blankets, watching The Cosmos with Kevin and Neyleen. I look over at Kevin and ask him how I got there and he tells me that after I puked, I brushed my teeth and jumped on his back for a piggy back ride but while I was on his back, I passed out. He told me that he swung me over his shoulder and carried me to the couch. Apparently, I kept saying “Mas vino! Mas vino!” during my 15 minute nap. Kevin also said that when I opened my eyes a little, I asked for him to put The Cosmos on, which he did. After, I drifted off to sleep again, only to wake up happily bundled up and watching Carl Sagan talk about –well, everything.

The End!



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