Work was interesting. I woke up at 11:15, showered, drove to the metro station, forgot to pay for parking, and hopped on the train at 11:45. I managed to make it to work just in time for the midday round of coladas–yummy. I sat at my desk answering phones, rejecting people, and staring off into space. At about 1:00, this middle aged skinny q-tip of a woman with a Velcro fro walks in with her tongue sticking out. Laura gives me the look…the don’t laugh look. But of course, I couldn’t help it and I broke out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. This woman is a regular at the offices apparently. She usually comes in at the same time everyday and nobody knows why, she has just had this same pattern for the past 15 years. After she left, I learned that her name was Violet. She is homeless, but by far the happiest homeless person that I have ever seen. While I was laughing, she was standing at the window staring at me, then broke out in a fit of laughter, and I sat there laughing with homeless, toothless Violet, and homeless Violet stood there laughing with me. She can’t talk, she just mumbles, it is one of my favorite things about her! She seems to not like Laura very much, because whenever Laura tries to talk to her Violet just stands there and laughs at her then pretends to not understand anything that she is saying. She has a funny walk, too. Her shoulders droop forward, her back is slouched, her belly sticks out and her giant feet seem to be dragging the rest of her body along. She kind of looks like a backwards “S”. Well, anyway I’m off to Stephanie’s house. I wonder what adventures I’ll be getting into tonight.



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