What a Day, What a Day!


Today has been one of the most ridiculously busy days of the entire time that I have worked.  The chaos in the office was difficult to handle without smoking anything at all so, I gave in and smoked half of one. Oops! Today, I got a client that was really upset because he let his sister dog sit his dog while he was in the hospital, and now she refuses to give him his best friend back. When I told him that we don’t take cases like that, he yelled at me then claimed that he has been so depressed without his dog that he lost 20 pounds in a week.

Amanda came to work with me today to see her boy friend, Sebastian. I took them on the filing errand at the court house, and after the filing was done, we proceeded to explore the 30th floor. Sebastian and I played a pretty funny prank on Amanda today: We were on the metro and it stops and jerks around from time to time. When the train was having one of these little fits, we acted like we did not know what was going on, then told her that the last time that this happened, the train fell off of the tracks and killed 200 people. The awesome part about this was that we got our whole small section (including my mom) to play along with us. Of course, she fell for it and freaked out for about 60 seconds before the train was safely on its way again.

The cigarette withdrawals weren’t nearly as bad as they were yesterday. Now I am off to my favorite book store ever, Books and Books, to read some Sherlock Holmes and possibly meet some authors.

She would hate me if she found out that this is on my blog She would hate me if she found out about this


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