So, this morning when I got off of the train for work, I ran into a girl that I used to know. I can’t really remember her real name, but back when I met her, we called her Cookie.

Now, Cookie was one of the only witnesses to my first drunk experience. About five years ago, my family and I went on a cruise to various islands in the Caribbean. While we were visiting Cozumel, I was very very thirsty and I saw that my mom had a giant drink (a yard stick). I thought that this drink was a simple strawberry smoothie, so I sneakily took it from her and ran off. I drank the whole thing within half an hour, and began to stumble around here and there. When my mom found me buying a Jack Daniels t-shirt in one of the little shops lining the dock, she realized that I had drank the entire drink and rushed me back to the cruise ship. Once on board I escaped my mom and found the soft serve ice cream machine waiting for me. From what I heard, I was seen laughing uncontrollably, running around the cruise ship, eating ice cream and speaking fake languages to people for my own amusement. Unfortunately for me, Cookie found me doing the electric side with a group of Germans and dragged me away to the 11th floor, only to sit on the stairs and listen to her story about a boy that she had a crush on. When she noticed that I was eager to escape her fat fingers, she dragged me to her cabin and locked the door. This was all fun and games to me because of the imaginary game that I was playing with everyone else, a hide and seek of sorts. After listening to Cookie for about 20 minutes, I started getting really bored so I decided that I needed a plan of action for this escape. I told her that I really needed some water, and if she poured me a glass, then I would do what she asked (go to the crushees room and deliver a letter from Cookie). When she walked into the bathroom, I took the opportunity and bolted for the door. I ran as fast as my stumbling feet, and laughing mouth could carry me. Down stairs, through winding passageways, through a formal gala, and back to the ice cream machine (I needed a re-fill).

I found my small group of friends sitting on the Lido deck. When they saw me, they laughed because they knew that I was really drunk. Michael got up to –well I don’t know why because I thought that it would be funny to run away from him too. Off I went again looking for more people to play with. Finally, during one of my games of ding-dong-ditch I knocked on the wrong door and my mom found me hiding behind a pillar with my hand over my mouth laughing really hard. When I saw my mom, I tried to run but alas, she caught me and was forced to accept defeat once and for all. The story does not end there, however. Once back in our cabin, my little sister, my mom, and a few of my friends were discussing what to do with me, when I started tumbling on the bed and singing “Why can’t we be friends.”  Well, when the opportunity arose, I ran off again wearing my bathing suit. Little did I know that Cookie was still hunting for me. I was found in the pool, entertaining a group of Italian women. My nemesis had returned to claim her prize, me. When I spotted her, I dove for cover behind one of the larger women. Unfortunately, she found me anyway and when she reached out to grab me, Michael popped out from behind her and got a hold of me first. Well, I had to choose between one or the other so I chose Michael. We ran away from Cookie and got some grilled cheeses and coffee. When I sobered up, he walked me back to my room, and he went back to his boy friend.

Seeing Cookie today brought back all of those memories and I can’t help but laugh. I think that she was still a little mad at me for not delivering her note, and not telling her that Michael, her crush, was gay.


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