Another day, not quite the same as yesterday. Although the office was pretty slow today, I did hear some of the saddest stories that I have ever heard; However, I would much prefer to not dwell on that. Let’s talk about something else! This blog post is going to be about the wonderfulness of germ-x. So one of the paralegals, Carmen, shook hands with one of the clients two weeks ago  and the next day, woke up with a nasty case of pink/devil’s eye. She was so contagious that she had to quarantine herself from the rest of the world, including her husband. Last week, she sent us pictures of her eye condition and Laura, of course, started laughing and laughing at the sad looking not-quite-Carmen pictures. After laughing about this, she pulled the biggest bottle of germ-x that I have ever seen out of one of the desk drawers, and practically bathed herself in it. When she handed me the bottle, I too pretty much bathed myself in it. After, she grabbed the Lysol and proceeded to spray our office in the front and the entire Lobby, I wouldn’t be surprised if she sprayed some of the clients behind their backs as well. About 10 minutes after we saw these pictures, I began smelling germ-x all over the office, and heard quite a few spraying sounds coming from inside of the other offices. The ladies, and Bart had obviously received Carmen’s e-mail and took similar precautions against the danger of our disease ridden clients. Now, germ-x and Lysol are the main things that invade my nostrils when I walk into work in the morning.

Carmen is still keeping her eyeballs indoors. She is coming out to see the light of day sometime next week.


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