Geinie’s Caterpillar


Today was one of those days at work. One of those slow days when everything has already been inputted into the computer and there really isn’t anything else to do but mess with people. Laura and I are partners in crime when it comes to things like this, and our victims vary from people to people.

The first prank was geared towards my mom. She is one of our favorite targets because she never really gets the joke until 5 minutes later, when all of us are already slapping our knees and laughing. Earlier in the day, the lobby only had about 5 clients waiting to be seen. Laura and I quickly filled in one of the applications ourselves, and wrote in the name “Mike Ojones”. If you speak Spanish then you will get the joke in this one. My mom walks out and asks if there is anyone there to see her and we handed her this application, our faces flushing and our lips pursed trying in vain not to laugh. My mom takes this application, and Laura and I quickly dial everyone’s extension on our floor. They all knew, when they saw the name “Laura” on their machines that it was time. Steve, Isis, Denise, Vicky, and Suzie all gather in the offices nearby and my mom sticks her head out of the door to the lobby and yells out “MIKE OJONES!” All of us are laughing. And then again she yells twice as loud “Is there a Mike Ojones in here?!” she did this about 2 more times and then turns to a crying Laura and says “Cono! I hate when the clients leave like this. When Mike Ojones comes back, tell him that he is going to have to fill out another application.” As she is walking back to her office, I hear our tunnel of spectators gathered around laughing, until finally, I hear my mom say “Why are you guys laugh– OH MY GOD! Not again!” Then she breaks out in a fit of laughter and walks red faced back to her office.
Our second victim of the day was Genie. About an hour before it was time for us to leave, Isis walks in with a white, furry caterpillar on a leaf. Isis meant to scare Laura with this little worm thing, and succeeded. When Genie walked into our front office with her mail, she saw the caterpillar and bolted back upstairs to her office. Seeing Geinie’s reaction to our caterpillar made Laura’s mind tick with a little prank that would make Legal Aid history. Laura calls Genie and starts talking to her about work things to distract her. She puts the call on speaker so that our group downstairs could hear everything. Brenda takes a piece of paper and rolls it up to make it look like a worm, then puts this fake worm in another piece of paper. She runs upstairs and we can hear Genie chattering away about this client and that client. Suddenly, all is quiet and then, a scream, a really loud scream and an “AAAHHH NO!” And then footsteps. The door to the stairwell slams open and we see round Brenda running out laughing, and tiny Genie running close behind her with one of her heels in her hand, ready throw at Brenda. We are all watching and laughing. Laura hits the button so that Brenda can run in. Genie is a little faster though, and just barely makes it through the door. They speed by us and into the break room. Everyone gathers in the hallway and then BAM! loud crash in the break room a scream, and the two women run out screaming “A ROACH!!!!” This was too good to be true. We were past the crying. At this point, I’m sure that everyone was drooling from how hard we were all laughing. I never got to see whether or not Genie caught Brenda, because after their roach announcement, all of the women in the office stampeded toward the lobby door and Steve had to investigate the break room to find the “roach” which wasn’t even a roach at all! It was a beetle!

Well, that was my Friday at work. Wish I could have taken pictures.


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