Holy poopsticle sticks! Last night was awesome. Juancho came over around —honestly, I don’t remember when he got here all I know is that the sun was still out. Anyway, after Juancho got here, we made plans with Kevin to go to the movies. We met him at the train station and here is where our adventure begins.

Kevin gave me a big ol’ bear hug and swung me around in the air as usual, which attracted quite a few confused eyes to stare in our direction. I introduced him to Juancho and they hit it off and started talking about college life and stuff. Once on the train, we decided that the movie of the night was going to be Twilight, just to see what all of the hype was about really. When the train stopped at the South Miami station, we got off and watched an interesting series of arrests. Of course, Kevin and I were laughing at this and Juancho eventually joined in. We ran across US1 and I slipped in the middle of the street. Like, a classic foot comes out from under me and I almost kicked myself in the face, kind of slip. Kevin helped me up and gave me a piggy back ride across the street. Of course, this made us all laugh to the point where we could barely see the people waiting to cross on the other side, and we ran straight into them like a bowling ball hitting the pins. STRIKE!!!!!!

Once at the ticket booths, we realized how obscenely long the line was and we knew that we were not going to make it to the 9:45 movie, so we hopped into the i-Max line, and Kevin used his passes to get three Twilight I-Max movie tickets for 10:45. We were all getting hungry and we had an hour and a half to kill, so we walked to Johnny Rockets and I slipped again, in front of like 30 people. When I tried to stand up, I slipped again. I was definitely laughing very very hard which is probably why I slipped one more time before Kevin pulled me up again. After my delicious strawberry milkshake and their giant burgers, Kevin, Juancho, and I set out to catch our movie. Since it had rained, I kept on sliding all over the place. Kevin decided that it would be best if I just rode on his back until we got to the movie. I definitely did not protest against this and hopped onto his back. People were definitely staring at us because Kevin is literally a whole foot taller than I am and I was having a blast being on top of the world. Well, even though his height is awesome, I forgot to duck when we were going into the movie and ran straight into the door frame. (sigh)

After the movie, we ran in the pouring rain back to the train station and stood there like bobos waiting to be picked up. When Mom got there, she announced that we had to drive her to Hialeah. You see, Hialeah is like an hour away from where we were and it was raining. I knew, as well as Kevin and Juancho, that this was going to turn into a very interesting night. I tried really hard to pay attention to where we were going, but the space cadet in me got the best of me, and I became more interested in how cool all of the lights looked in the rain. Once we got to her destination and dropped her off, I tried to find Lejeune road. I must have been driving in circles for a long time because we passed the same McDonalds like 5 times before finally getting on track again.

By the time that we got home it was 3AM. Kevin and Juancho still wanted to drink and I was totally gung ho for that! We walked to the gas station and bought 3 bottles of wine. We drank and drank for about an hour and all got pretty buzzed before Kevin’s mom called him and announced that he had to go to church tomorrow (today) at 9am. Now, we were going to pull an all nighter and sober up but Carrie was persistent, she wanted Kevin home NOW. I had no choice! I ate 2 bagels, drank some water, and started the ignition. I wasn’t drunk anymore, but the fogginess of the alcohol was definitely still there. Kevin sat up front with me and Juancho hung out in the back. Kevin and I chatted the whole way there, but Juancho was not saying a word. I thought he was asleep! In the middle of one of Kevin’s inspirational speeches, we hear a cough, then a gurgle, then a burp. I jumped, Kevin jumped, we both looked behind us and saw Juancho puking into his t-shirt. Well, Kevin and I exploded into riotous laughter, we couldn’t help it! It was too funny. In between Juancho’s puking episodes, he was laughing too so it was ok. After dropping Kevin off, Juancho moved up front, and I drove us home, surprisingly getting lost only once.

Once safely at home, I found one of our full wine bottles, took a couple x 3 swigs and joined Neyleen and her new boyfriend in my sister’s room. We stayed up chatting until 7 am, then Juancho passed out, Neyleen disappeared, and I sat outside and watched the sunrise, drunk.

I woke up this afternoon to a very happy phone call. I stumbled out of bed, and Juancho announced that he has never been this hung over in his entire life! I gave him some water and he disappeared into the bathroom to drop the atomic bomb (don’t worry! I febreezed before and after). Both of us sat on the couches and tossed a small foot ball back and forth. I was pretty hung over too, but no where near as bad as Juancho was. I hope that tonight turns out to be as interesting as last night was. I’m supposed to hang out with Vicky, but we’ll see I guess.

This morning


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