Iron Gates to block the flood


I met someone 2 weeks ago. I met someone that I can actually be friends with in this town. She is really interesting, and is always up for an adventure. Within an hour of hanging with each other, we had already formed some sort of friendship. We traded music, and drank coffee, and went to coconut grove. As our Friday night progressed, we continued to find random things to do. We split a delicious brownie sundae, then went to South Beach and walked around in heels and dresses for no reason at all, just to go and stroll and people watch. The night ended in us walking back to the car sandy and bare foot. No alcohol this time, just company and silly gas wasting ideas. Today, we went to Starbucks and had a latte, then went for a drive and listened to music, talking about my past life and her past life. She is pretty much my neighbor, so I can always go over to her house and hang out. The gate that was pad locked with no key to open it, has finally been broken through. Hello Malanie, I am your friend.


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