Bus Stories


Stuart: Our modern day Edgar Allan Poe. Writes spell binding stories and poems and lives the life of the main character in Herman Hesse’s Gertrude. Always chasing someone out of his reach. He is going to attempt jumping from the 100th floor of a building tomorrow only to be caught in mid-air by a sky diver named Sally. She saves his life, and he later finds out that she is a super model. They marry and have 10 round faced children.

No Name: Hates his job loading the buses =(.

Stanley: Currently a bus driver, has a very loving wife, and five very spoiled children.

Benjamin: He really has to pee but he hates public rest rooms. He has been holding it for 10 hours now which is why he is going to have to pass a kidney stone in one year.

Moma: A very LARGE African American woman. She has a booming laugh, eats anything that she wants, and is always happy.

Ramon: Fled from a South American country with his family. His wife took all he had (including his toothbrush) and left him for her boss. He currently wonders the streets of Orlando.

Santiago: Currently a veteran. I don’t know which war though. He looks pretty old, maybe Vietnam or something. He still wears his jacket from the war. He has no family except for his 25 cats and he is perfectly happy that way.

Charlie: Born in Scotland, very well mannered, and is usually smiling. He is making his way across the U.S. Nobody knows that he is the crowned prince of some country over seas. He ran away two years ago and does not intend to go back home any time soon.

Sasha and Carlisle: Two women posing as Americans, really Scottish spies with a great American accent. These two were sent to follow Charlie and trick him into falling madly in love with one of them and cart him back to his palace. Charlie out runs them somewhere in Arizona. He ends up falling in love with a small town “waitress”. Little does he know, his waitress is a princess in disguise.


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