So, to top off what I thought was going to be a boring day at work, Laura had a little crisis after lunch. All day long, my office mate had a headache and I knew that she couldn’t wait for her lunch break. The first thing that she says to me is “Don’t talk to me, I’m in a bad mood.” My eyebrows went up and I sat down and began talking to our sad clients. After lunch, Laura comes back more fired up than ever.

“What’s wrong now?” My nosiness got the best of me.

“My stupid mother forgot where I was born.” You can imagine my reaction to this. She proceeded to explain that she needed to apply for a new birth certificate and she needs the name of the hospital in Puerto Rico where she came out of her mother’s womb. I couldn’t help laughing at this. I got an eraser thrown at me–which I dodged–and a post it pack. I took the next ten minutes to go next door with Malanie to buy a cafe con leche. When I got back to work, Laura was more fired up than before because her father also forgot her place of nacimiento! Well, I laughed again. She says that her parents must have been on crack or something because “como se puede forget where your own child is born!?”

Now Laura is watching people fight on youtube. Looking forward to Friday/ pay day!


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