This job can get pretty boring sometimes. Like right now for instance. Laura and I are currently sitting here with our chins resting on our hands, waiting for the right moment to do something remotely entertaining, like find a new victim to mess with. Unfortunately (sort of) there are no clients in the lobby, therefore we can’t trick my mom into calling false names. Sooner or later something will pop up, I’m sure. Papi Pilon is about to do the second round of coladas for the office, and for the first time, I don’t feel like I need it. If anything, I feel like I have drank too much coffee.

On the other hand, Laura is convinced that I’m a little crazy because I constantly make myself laugh. She always asks me what I am laughing about and I usually tell her that I am thinking about funny things. She thinks that this makes me crazy! I love it. Oh, Miami.

(20 minutes later) Laura walks out to call in one of three clients sitting in the lobby (a very rude, and persistent client. One of the ones that likes to yell a lot until they get what they want) and as the client is passing through the door, her wig gets caught on something and falls off of her head. She did not notice but I did and so did Laura. We are laughing really hard right now by the way.


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