Sand Flakes (haikus from the trip)


I was on a ship

where I met lots of people

and got really drunk.


We met at this bar

the one with the piano

and many smokers.


We sat on the deck

and watched the stars burning bright

the breeze was so nice.


A fun adventure

hanging in the Cabinet

Shipwrecked and Stonded


Sarah flashed her ass

here in the comedy club

Sarah is awesome.


This weather is great

Lightning, thunder, rolling waves

Rocking me to sleep


Back in my cabin

Drunk and eating chocolate

Thinking about you


Mexicans are cool

They like to party a lot

And eat lots of food


I’m stoned and eating

A giant chocolate cake

You’re laughing at me


Looking for the bow

Slipping through the passages

Hope we don’t get caught


It’s goodbye time now

I’m sitting on my suit-case

Drifting off to sleep


Uh-oh home sweet home

Why is everyone yelling

I’m trying to sleep


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