So much to read


The reason for my blog neglect is my books. I have been on a reading binge for the past few weeks and I am entirely unable to contain myself, like most junkies.  Recently, I have read: Mansfield Park, A Vintage Affair, some of the Sherlock Holmes Volume II.

It is only fair that I tell you some of my little adventures in the past few weeks.

World War III broke out in my house last week. The first battle was interesting enough, though I was somehow dragged into the middle of the chaos I’d rather not write about the dirty details.

People keep on taking death leaps all over Down Town Miami. I lost count of the number of suicides attempted and committed over the past couple of weeks. Now, whenever I step outside of my office, I look up to make sure that I don’t have to catch anyone. A simple reflection of how terrible the economy really is.

I got a Nook!!!! I am so happy with it, and it really is my precious. My nephew and my best friend are jealous of it because I never put it down and I keep missing Vicky’s calls. Jordan is jealous because I fall asleep with it in my arms rather than taking small naps with him.

To counteract that; after dropping off the mail on the 18th floor of the metro building, I was walking through the small strip mall on the ground floor. Past the pharmacy, past the bank, when suddenly I hear the most beautiful music resonating from somewhere to my left. I glance around, looking for the source of the music and I see this teeny tiny little old man in a really old guayabera, and polyester pants sitting on a bench in front of the grand piano that belonged to the cafe. I walk towards him not believing that the giant sound was coming from his teeny fingers. His hands moved so fast that they were almost a blur, and other times they seemed as though they were not moving at all. After the first song was over, I clapped for him and he turned around and gave me a huge toothless grin. With all of this rain and Jimmy coming a week early, I needed something to cheer me up and this 5 ft old man sitting at the piano was just what I needed.

Well, above the chaos of everyday city life, I have found a sanctuary in the Books and Books cafe. I have decided to make it a ritual to sit in a corner and draw random people  when they are not aware of it. I was doing this a couple of nights ago for about five hours. No one caught me =).

I started reading Mansfield Park and it is nothing like most Austen novels. It’s dark and eerie, with a satirical twist. I love it.

This concludes my post for today!

Happy Friday 13th!


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