Work- 1:00 pm: Laura and I were enjoying our lovely Wednesday afternoon dealing with clients from every part of the human emotion spectrum. Just after a sobbing 50 something year old woman storms out of our office, Steven walks in, his brows knotted. He looked distraught and confused.

“Que te pasa?” Laura asks.

“Someone stole all of my mangoes. =(” He shows us the sticky Banana Republic bag devoid of all 5 mangoes.

“Huh?” I put the phone down. Laura looks at me with her giant eyes.That ‘don’t you dare laugh’ look is splashed across her face. Steven glances around our office, obviously assuming that one of us hid them. We just stare at him. When he was satisfied that his missing mangoes were not in our office, he walks out. We could hear his voice trailing along saying “Has anyone seen my mangoes?”

3:00pm- I was getting ready to take the new suits etc. that had to be filed, when Genie runs into our office holding a bundle of Motion for Defaults.

“Okay, good I’m on time for once!” and turning to me says, “has Steven found his mangoes yet?”


Laura caught on before I did, and looks at Genie. “Genie! You have those mangoes, don’t you!”

Genie laughs, covering her mouth. I put the paperwork down, filing could wait.

“That poor man! You gonna give him a heart attack!” Laura starts laughing.

“I’ll give them back! This is payback for not giving me coffee yesterday!” She skips out of our office and runs upstairs. I take the filing to the courthouse. All of the viejos are talking about “Ovama” coming to town.

When I got back to my office half an hour later, I was shocked to find mango puree splattered on my desk, Laura’s desk, the wall, the window. My eyes are wide open and it was way too quiet, something was going on. I hear noises coming from under me and I look under my desk, only to find Laura there with her finger over her mouth shhhhing me. She points to the wall. In my absolute state of curiosity, I stick my head out into the hallway, only to be smacked in the face with over ripe mango mush! Nice.

Stephen gasps, Laura laughs, and I just stand there with my mouth gaping open. Genie runs out from behind the metal shelf in our office and falls on the floor, laughing hysterically. I lick my upper lip, still really confused but enjoying the commotion.

After washing my face, Laura told me what happened during my 30 minute absence.

Apparently, Genie thought that Laura was going to tell Steven about the mangoes being in her office, so she decided to hide them underneath Laura’s desk while Laura was in the “pee pee room”. Steven, after just getting over the missing fruit, wanders into our office to grab some post its when he trips over a Publix bag containing 5 mushy, oozing mangoes. He waits for Laura to come out of the restroom. She walks into our office, but before she steps inside, Luisa stops her and warns her about Steven and his intentions. Luisa (Steven’s secretary) calls him and tells him that there was someone on the phone for him. He walks out, forgetting all of the mangoes except for the one in his hand. Genie runs in right after Laura, each of them grab a mango and hide, waiting for Steven to come back. Five seconds later, orange puree was flying around our office. Ironically, no one got hit except for me. We spent the last hour of work wiping everything down, and laughing, laughing, laughing. Carmen was in the background, telling everyone el chisme “Ovama eez here!”, “Ovama eez here!”


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