Day 1: The first half day of my vacation adventure was very interesting. Everyone woke up at 9:45 and after much bustling about looking for anything unpacked or forgotten, we finally hit the road at 10, to make it to the port at…I don’t remember. Well, we waited around for a long, long time, then went through customs and security and finally boarded the ship. After leaving my bags in the cabin, I proceeded to explore some of the ship I only made it to the Lido Deck, though (9th floor). After dinner, I wanted to run around and meet people, but the only place on the ship where I could enjoy my night and smoke cigarettes was the piano bar. Once comfortably situated, I began singing along with Wally (the piano player) and reached into my purse for a cig when I smelled Mary Jane floating through the air. I look across the bar and there is Stevie, a 20 something year old from Scotland, smoking a doobie. This was funny to me.  I shuffled through my abyss of a purse looking for a lighter, but could not find one so I walked across the bar and asked Stevie for a light. After, we drank a couple of beers and met like 12 other people, and ultimately became the people to hang out with if someone wanted to have a good time. After many beers and some, Stevie, Simon, and I went back to Stevie’s cabin on the 6th floor to smoke…This is how we met Jamie, Stevie’s best-friend. Jamie had drank way too much too soon so he had passed out in their room only to be woken up by the three of us offering him some of the joint that we had rolled. I don’t remember whether or not he smoked, but I definitely remember being introduced to the xx, this awesome band that I had never heard of. We sat around listening to music, buzzed, talking about…I don’t remember. Well, eventually we all went our separate ways, and I fell asleep happy.

Day 2: Our “Fun Day at Sea” was definitely an interesting one. This was the day of Amanda’s Quinces, this was also the day that I would have to put my feet through ultimate torture by putting them in size 7, 6 inch heels–FUN! Well anyway, I was sitting at the bar in the casino, smoking a cigarette when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and faced a very happy, yet very sea-sick face. She was carrying a bucket full of ice and bud-light and said: “Hi! You look like you like to smoke, and I need someone to smoke with!” I laughed at this and told her that I had to go to my little sister’s fifteens so I really should not smoke. After this informal introduction, we talked about our hometowns, exchanged names, and planned to meet up at the Piano Bar that night. One of the highlights of my second day at sea was when I was walking along the Promenade deck trying really hard not to break my ankles, when one of my feet slipped out from under me and I went flying backwards. I’m bitter sweet about my friends not being there when this happened because it was really funny and ultimate proof of my clumsiness. Amanda’s fifteens were pretty funny; watching Amanda dance around in a ball gown is something that I would have paid to watch. She looked absolutely beautiful either way. This was also the day that I met Adam from Canada, and hung out with Julian, Simon’s brother from Germany and Chris from Switzerland.  I also met Tori, who is awesome! And I met Katie and Kelly from New Jersey, Danny from Miami, and Carlos from New York. After changing into something a little bit more comfortable, I went to dinner then off to the Piano Bar for a few drinks with my new friends.

Night: We all met up at the piano bar: Stevie, Jamie, Danny, Carlos, Tori, Katie and Kelly, Simon, the cute Irish couple, and a ton of other people. The night started off with us singing a lot of the same songs that we had heard the night before. We all got pretty drunk then went to the Comedy Club, where my new friend, Sarah flashed her ass to the comedian and crowd, and made herself famous among the comedy lovers. After laughing and congratulating Sarah, all of us made our way to the club to dance. After a couple of hours of people watching and dancing, we drunkenly climbed 4 flights of stairs to the Lido Deck for some pizza. Why we climbed the stairs instead of taking the elevator? I really don’t know.

Our group of friends from all over the world!

Day 3- Conzumel- We had to be off of the ship by noon. I was unhappily woken up by Pol and Neyleen throwing pillows at me, and pulling the blankets and my toes. As a result, this is the sorpresa that I gave them:

Finally, I roll out of bed and take a shower. I got dressed quickly, did not make it in time for breakfast, and walked off of the ship with Neyleen. On the way out we meet Jaugan, an Indian security guard. We made friends with him, and that is how we got away with a lot of things that would not have been possible otherwise.

Conzumel is an interesting city. The people there are really friendly! First off, my family and I are running around through the maze of shops, and bars looking for a taxi that could take us to the beach. My grandparents are arguing about un peo que mi abuela se tiro. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s so she completely forgot about this little slip and was blaming it on my grandfather. All the while, Neyleen and I, while everyone is in a frenzy, run off to dance and sing with the mariachi band and sang la cucaracha!  We finally get a taxi to drive all 8 of us, and I called shotgun. On the way to the beach, my mom se esta cagando because the driver is weaving in and out from in between cars and kept on driving on the wrong side of the road to skip the cars that were going too slow. My grandparents are now arguing about my grandmother’s birthday. She thought that her birthday was the day before, when really, it was on June 16th.

When we finally arrived safely at the beach, the cab driver and I exchanged cigarettes. I gave him an Amercian Spirit and he gave me a delicious Mexican cigarette. After, my grandpa and I walked around the little beach shops and he bought me a sombrero. I got lots of free Corona and made new friends like Pancho the monkey:

And Lea, the snake:

Well, 8 Coronas in and I was feeling reaaally good. I felt so good, in fact that I agreed to volunteer in one of the crazy events that Amanda and her friends were participating in.

Oh my goodness!

I could barely play the game properly…At least I tried!

Pol thought that this was hilarious, and made it a point to laugh and laugh…and laugh.

This was our ginormous group of Cubans:

Day 3 Night and day 4 and 5….still working on them!


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