Kevin and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary yesterday! He surprised me with tickets to a concert.

Some background information: When Kev and I were 17, we went to a Maroon 5 concert together. I remember sitting on my front stoop, excitement bubbling up inside of my tummy. Hours later, caught up in the drift of our first taste of freedom, we promised each other that when we turned 18 we would get out of this city. Well, 18 came quick and so did the plane that carried Kevin off to New York, and the loaded car that carted me away to Gainesville.

Now: Yesterday, Kevin came over with a bottle of wine, and a bottle of rum. We quickly emptied out two water bottles and filled them up with rum and wine, then scarfed down some Chinese food before hopping on the train to down town.


Filling up the water bottles



On the train


We were spacing out, already buzzed when we realized that we had been going the wrong way and missed our stop 5 stops ago. Kevin had to be the navigator, as I have no sense of direction, and helped a family from Minnesota in the process.


They were scared for at first but soon realized that there was nothing to be afraid of


Eventually, we made it!


Nice n drunken


The show was awesome. Our seats were great!


Adam Levine






And Again



It was well worth the trip and the trouble.


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