One of my favorite poems from This Side of Paradise


A Lament for a Foster Son, And He Going To the War against the King of Foreign


He is gone from me the son of my mind

And he in his golden youth like Angus Oge

Angus of the bright birds

And his mind strong and subtle like the mind of Cuchulin

On Muirtheme.

Awirra sthrue

His brow is as white as the milk of the cows of Maeve

And his cheeks like the cherries of the tree

And it bending down to Mary and she feeding the son of God.

Aveelia Vrone

His hair like the golden collar of the Kings at Tara

And his eyes like the four gray seas of Erin.

And they swept with the mists of the rain.

Mavrone go Gudyo

He to be joyful and red battle

Amongst the chieftains and they doing great deeds of valor

His life to go from him

It is the chords of my own soul would be loosed.

A Vich Deelish

My heart is the heart of my son

And my life is in his life surely

A man can be twice young

In the life of his sons only.

Jia du Vaha Alanav

May the son of God be above him and beneath him, before him

And behind him

May the King of the elements cast a mist over the eyes of the

King of Foreign,

May the Queen of the Graces lead him by the hand the way he

Can go through the midst of his enemies and they not

Seeing him

May Patrick of the Gael and Collumb of the Churches and the

Five thousand Saints of Erin be better than a shield to him

And he caught into the fight.

Och Ochone.


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