Today, Carmen and I ran in the rain. We were on our lunch break, and I wanted to get a café, but Carmen wanted Starbucks. We walked the 3 blocks to Starbucks and the sky was clear and the sun was shining. On our way back, literally ten minutes later, we were caught in a very violent but very fun torrent of rain. Carmen screamed, and stood in the middle of the street getting soaked, and I grabbed her hand and ran. It was raining so hard, however that I could barely see where we were going which resulted in me running straight into a pole, and Carmen falling- very ungracefully into a puddle. Well, I already had a bruise on my eyebrow from some very interesting events that happened this weekend. That bruise is now throbbing painfully, because that is right where I bonked my head.

Carmen, being the hypochondriac that she is, immediately ran into the rest room, once we had blindly made it to the office, and stripped down in a stall. She then wiped herself down from head to toe, yelling in broken Spanglish about how sick she is going to be. Thankfully, Isis keeps a blow dryer in her office, and Carmen had an extra pair of pants in one of her desk drawers (I don’t know why) and put them on. She then burst into Isis’ office and immediately began blow drying herself in front of our boss, Bart. Now, 10 minutes after getting back from our lunch break, I can hear Carmen complaining about a runny nose, and a headache. I just walked past her office and I smelled vicks and cough drops.


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