So, it was back to work day for me today. Woke up at 8:30 as a result of some funny dreams, thought that I was late, took a hot shower, brushed my teeth; usual morning stuff all in a rush. I run out of the house and locked my keys inside. I remember thinking that it was strangely cool outside for Miami, and saw that both cars were gone. My neighbor walks outside and mentions how strange it is to see me up at 9 am. I looked at her and asked her what time it was, she said 9 am again. She has a key to my house, so she let me inside. I sat on the couch, writing and drawing for an hour and a half, then walked to the metro station. As usual, the viejos stared and hissed and blew kisses and for once, I didn’t feel anger, or annoyance, amusement,  or much of anything, really. I just tuned them out and listened to my iPod, sitting in the train, people watching, enjoying the beautiful Brickell scenery against a brilliant Miami sky, wondering what my next book was going to be. Typical.

Walked into the office at exactly 11 15. The ladies were having their usual morning gossip session in my office when I came in. My desk looked like it did when I left it, the lighting seemed different though. Laura and everyone else was commenting on how light my hair had gotten, Carmen was talking about her eyeball, Laura was pretending that Carmen’s eyes looked swollen, Genie was talking about her fear of being stuck in a hospital when she goes to New York (she said that something always happens to her when she goes to NY), and I was spacing out while Stephen passed out espresso shots.

At some point in the day, when I had finished 10 days worth of rejections, I got bored. My hands started looping paperclips together, and before I knew it, I had the longest paperclip chain in boredom history. When Laura got back from her cigarette break, and I had no more paperclips to loop together, I started writing again only to be interrupted by a flying eraser that missed my eyebrow by an inch. I look over at Laura holding a bundle of papers together, and my paperclip chain looped around her wrists. “Katryna, we talked about this.” She laughed, I laughed “oops.”

After work: Remembered that I had forgotten to eat today. My stomach growled violently, and I realized that I had been running on coffee and coffee alone all day. I tried to eat a piece of fruit but I couldn’t swallow it, so I drank water and lie in bed for an hour before showering and sitting outside with Amanda, watching the unexpected rain. Malainie surprised me by popping up at my house. Amanda went inside, and Malainie and I sat on the porch and talked about her boyfriend, work, and music. She left, and I tried to fall asleep but it was useless. I went back to writing, and drew a few things here and there, drifted off a couple of times, and dreamed about a cherry tree with happy faces growing where the cherries should have been. I’m getting a happy face tattooed on my wrist sometime soon. I’m nuts, but I know that I won’t regret it.

Work at 8 30 tomorr—or today. Goodnight world!


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