Exploding Vents


Oh boy! What a story, what a story. So after sitting at my desk, feeling funny from a lack of reading, I went outside to enjoy five pages of my new favorite book (I think that I say that after every good book that I start reading). Just as I was disappearing into the world of Dumas, this well dressed man walks into the little indent in the wall next to me, whips out his wiener and started peeing on the wall. Usually, I would have cared less if the said man was more than 15 feet away from me, and probably would have thought it quite funny. But no, this man was within arms length of me, and not only was he peeing so close to me that I could smell it, but he placed his cigarette so close to me that it burned a small hole in the back of my dress. Infuriated, frustrated, and everything else in between, I jumped up and said “excuse me sir, there is a restroom inside of the office!”, he ignored me. This angered me even more, and I stormed inside and told Laura, and asked her if I was allowed to throw the coconut sitting on her desk at him. Of course she said no because it would jeopardize my position. He had the audacity to come back into the office and ask how much longer it would be until his name was called. My face was boiling hot, and I had to control myself from yelling at him. When he looked at me, however, I stuck my tongue out at him. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!


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