Usually, rainy weather makes me sad. Today for some reason, I feel like a cotton ball.  I woke up this morning with my book resting on my chest. Both of my hands were holding it in place. I know that I really like a book when I fall asleep with it, and cuddle with it. I know, I’m a weirdo but this is what happens when I’m lonely and I am satisfying my addiction. I love my books, so I cuddle with them.

Amanda and I enjoyed a wonderful night minus cable and internet. Because of this storm, our electronic blah blah blah was acting up. Amanda and I just sat around in the room trying to pretzel ourselves.  I got stuck and fell forward and she laughed at me and took pictures. I would rather not post them up, they are pretty ridiculous. I laughed too, which resulted in me not being able to breathe. After we got bored of this, we tried to have a reading date but that was unsuccessful because we kept on playing small pranks on each other and goofing off.  Finally, she hid in the living room to talk to her boyfriend, and I went to France. I drifted off to sleep.

Le lettere sono sempre bruciate

Non e comi i film

Ci hanno nutriti sulle piccole bugie pietose

Je vous verrai dans la prochaine vie, peut-être

Un coeur qui est rempli comme une décharge

Cada vez viene, me come viva

Trato de comportarse, pero me come viva

Entonces declaro una vacaciones

Duerma, el deriva lejos

Così ho succhiato la luna

E ho parlato anche presto

E quanto è costato?

Sono stato fatto cadere dai raggi lunari

Ed abbiamo navigato sulle stelle cadente

Je vous verrai dans la prochaine vie, peut-être


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