North Carolina Chocolate Drops


Raleigh is, as everyone had said, a beautiful and diverse city. The strangest part about moving from noisy Miami to sweet Raleigh is the fact that the people here are ridiculously polite and soft spoken; it is a rare thing to hear anyone curse on the street. The accents are funny too. The weather has been lovely, and yesterday while I was sitting in the park wondering if the state capital is haunted, I was attacked by a bunch of falling leaves! Naturally, this made me giggle because I am finally witnessing seasons. This morning, while I was drinking coffee on the porch, I saw chipmunks and birds playing in the garden next door. So far, this place seems pretty cool. Apart from that, the grocery stores are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop from the next isle. This is definitely going to take some getting used to.

P.S. I barely have internet, so I am lucky that I am even able to post this right now!


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