The children


Among the squirrels and the chipmunks there is a very high population of moths that grace me with their presence very night on the porch.

Well, meeting people is definitely not easy here. They aren’t mean or anything like that, they are just not all that interesting. I have tried to keep myself busy by job hunting, reading, writing, dreaming, watching movies, cooking, cleaning, and all that good stuff. I hate to admit that I am a little bored. I never realized how much I really need friends, you know, people to make me laugh, or just someone to talk to about the silly things that come along with being alive. I’m sure that I’ll meet plenty of people sooner or later. As of now though, my books and my journal are my two companions; one tells me stories and the other listens to all of mine.

Since it is almost Halloween, I’ve written quite the ghost story/ satire. I think that it is pretty good and my journal seems to like it too. This all came about after I read a whole book about different ghost encounters. As a result, I scared the sleep out of myself, and spent a whole night writing a ghost story. One week later, I still peek around the curtain while I am showering just to make sure that there isn’t anything peeking at me. I’m a chicken, I know.

I have tried my hand at cooking with the help of my favorite cook book. I have made about seven awesome meals. The thing that I like to make the most are deserts though no one in the house–apart from myself, like sweets.

The job hunt has been going well. I really hope that I get this awesome job that I was interviewed for yesterday. It seems promising but I’d rather not get my hopes up. I’m not going to say what it is though because I feel like it’s bad luck or something to talk about it.

What am I doing for Halloween, you ask? Nothing. Everyone in the house is working, so i have no one to adventure with. I miss my old adventures. Well, maybe I’ll go crash a party or something. Quite frankly, I’d much rather not stay home.

I miss you guys! I’m going to go empty out the dishwasher now. Arevoir!


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