Woman sitting on a bench reading tea leaves


My plants are happy! They are growing at a very fast rate. My latest plant, a zinia, has yet to germinate, it’s been a couple of days since I planted it, so I’m not expecting much until about a week from now.

Clumsy morning:

I woke up an hour before my alarm clock was to go off. No more sleep for me! I bounded to the shower, trying to avoid the freezing cold hallway as much as possible. The floor was moist from the last person that had showered, and I slipped oh-so-gracefully stubbing my toe in the process. No harm done, just a bruise I’m sure. After a delightfully hot shower, I bolted into my room, slipping yet again, on the little drops of water running down my back to the tips of my red toes. I caught myself on the door frame and smashed my finger in the process. This was too funny to be mad at, so I wasn’t too mad at myself. Since it was cold in my room, I sat in front of my space heater and dozed off in a soaking wet bath towel. I fell sideways, bonking my head on my book shelf, which in turn caused the paint water to wobble dangerously and topple on my head. Lovely! Another freezing run through the hallway and into the bathroom, another scalding hot shower, the coffee maker screamed at me from downstairs, my morning wake up call was finally ready! I got dressed quickly; not bothering to brush my hair. I poured myself a cup and walked onto the porch to feed my flowers. The door slammed behind me; I was locked out. I called everyone in the house, but they were all still snoring and dreaming of beer heaven. Last resort: picking up a few pebbles from under my window, I threw them at my roommate’s window, hoping that someone would wake up. Someone sleepily peeks through the blinds, and I wave frantically. He got the point. Grumpy bear, sleepy and cranky from being interrupted from his slumber, unlocks the door for me with eyes half open. He runs up the stairs, and into his warm bed (I’m sure), as I pour myself another cup of hot coffee. FIN

The trees are starting to bloom; purple flowers peek at me from under the naked branches.


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