Pool beer tomorrow


This dream I had last night:

I was in Gainesville with all of my old friends, we were hanging out next to the above ground pool. Everyone was sipping on a beer. Poppy was sleeping on a deck chair and we were all laughing about something that Jeremy had said. Poppy’s new man, Jason, and Winkler lift up her deck chair and dump her into the pool and everyone jumps in after her. We have an underwater race and Bobby wins, he is still wearing his glasses. Poppy is screaming about the water being too cold. Everyone is sunburnt and happy. Someone is blasting The Beatles out of their apartment window and we find glow sticks at the bottom of the pool. David Bowie shows up in a speedo, someone offers him a beer. Sean jumps from a rooftop into the pool. We eat some magic mushrooms, everything gets fuzzy and warped and I wake up on the floor confused and tangled in a mess of sheets, hugging my book. FIN


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