Nesting Birds



“All my troubles seemed so far away” Just kidding…I had to do that…Anyway…

I was at work, making up a future bride, explaining the best way to use this foundation, when I hear a child screaming at the top of his lungs. Of course I jumped and a brush went flying over the counter and when I looked over my shoulder I see this little boy with a mop of blonde hair running at top speed around the counter. I put everything down and ran after him. He was screaming, running in circles, his mom on the other side also chasing him, then me trying to catch him. The girl that works at Laura Mercier joined in the chase, to no avail. The girl whose makeup I was doing was dying of laughter, watching this funny game of tag. The little boy kept on screaming for his Mommy, not knowing that Mommy was right behind him trying to catch him along with the rest of us. We must have ran five laps around the counter when Lin from the Lancome counter jumped in his way. Anyone that has ever met Lin will know why the poor child instantly turned on his heels and ran in the opposite direction screaming louder now, trying to escape the crazy look that seems permanently imbedded in her eyes. He ran straight into his mother’s arms. I stumbled over to my still laughing client, and tried to continue my foundation lesson, but we were both laughing too hard to even speak. My mascara was running little rivers down my cheeks.

It’s a lovely Thursday afternoon, slight breeze included. Not a single cloud hanging in this perfectly blue sky. It’s a little too cold for my taste, but not quite cold enough for a jacket. I have some major Spring cleaning to do, and of course, the Queen of procrastination is procrastinating, thinking of anything and everything else I could possibly be doing. Maybe another latte? No, I will be a chatterbox with no one to chatter to. How about a stroll through my favorite park? Maybe. If I think about this too much, then my day will be finite and I’d much rather it be infinite…if that makes any sense. By the way! There is a dove’s nest on my AC unit, outside of my bedroom window, and another one in the bushes next to my porch. The baby birds woke me up a little too early this morning, demanding food from their mommy. I love it! Much better than being woken up by a screaming alarm clock. At least I can’t snooze the birds.


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