Blue Dress


The thing about adventures: you never know when they are going to creep up on you.

After an exhausting day at work, catering to the rock people; I sat on the bus with a bag full of truffles, a wilting lily flower, and my headphones booming noise into my ears. Suddenly, the wind started screaming outside, and the rain was falling in sheets enveloping the world outside of my window. A symphony of cascading rain, car horns, and crying babies trying to penetrate my headphones, and me, just watching passively as the universe happened around me.

My phone rings.


“Where are you? The power just went out!”

“I’m almost home.”

It had stopped raining, but the wind was still howling. I walked up onto my porch, watching the people on Glenwood walk out of their shells to see what the aftermath of the storm looked like. A man carrying his sleeping child crossed the street and walked into a house a few houses away from mine. My friends were all gathered on our porch drinking beer while one of them lazily strummed his guitar, and I took a seat on my blue throne after putting my flower in some water. We watched as the houses around us got their electricity back, one by one. The night was creeping up on us and still no electricity. We walked to the gas station and bought some candles, expecting a very dark night. Personally, I was excited about the lack of electricity, seeing as it forces everyone to hang out. Something interesting always happens when the power is out.

It was about ten o’clock now and all of the white chocolate truffles had made their way into my happy tummy. The candles were burning low now, and we were wondering what the next source of light would be when Claire and I came up with an idea. “Let’s make an ashtray bonfire!” , “Okay!”

We wandered around the yard picking up the small twigs that had escaped the rain, using her solar powered book light as our source of light. We made a tiny teepee in the ash-tray with a wad of composition book paper in the middle. We lit it to no avail. After three not-so-encouraging attempts, we finally got the fire going! The two of us were so excited about our little accomplishment that we treated ourselves to some more truffles. To be honest with you, I was actually more excited about having a light to read by than anything else. I felt like Robinson Crusoe.

The yawns came along, reminding everyone that it was about that time. We all said our goodnights, and wandered off to bed reeking of bonfire smoke and candle wax. I climbed the stairs looking forward to a candle-lit shower.

Clean me crawls into bed, and wraps herself up in her sheets, closes her eyes, and falls fast asleep only to be awakened with eyes still closed, in a strange dream world where nothing and everything make sense.

I am sitting on a box in a garage and people are robbing a bank. Some big guy is asking me questions, and I lie to him because I don’t want him to find my giant library hidden behind a trap door behind the safe. He has a gun, but I don’t care–my books are more important. A girl with wild hair, and a bandana tied around her head, tells him to leave me alone because I am her friend ( I had no idea who she was, I had never seen her before!) She has a gun too.

We are driving in a yellow car together, this girl and I. We are driving up a giant hill, and the world around us looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. She is trying to give me some cash but I refuse it, while she continues talking about her childhood as an orphan. She drops me off at Best Buy, and I walk in looking for Pride and Prejudice. The woman at the register has wild, red hair and she can’t spell Prejudice. I spell it out for her but she doesn’t understand what I am saying. Two teenage boys ask me for my phone number. I walk away from them and into a crazy looking mall, where all of the store fronts look like the rotating things that you have to pass through before getting on the subway. I am at the entrance to Bath and Body Works but the store is closed. I tell the employee that I really had to use his restroom, and he lets me in.

I wake up with a full bladder, bolt to the bathroom, trip over the sheet that is wrapped around me, and stub my toe on the corner of the stairs.



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