Rivers running still


Happy!!! Very, very happy! It has been quite an adventurous few days. Jeremy arrived at our humble abode early Monday morning. I woke up to the smell of coffee, that’s how I knew he was here. We said hello and it was like no time had passed at all. We sat on the porch and caught up over a cup of coffee.

Fun: Last night, another friend popped up! I walked onto the porch, and there, sitting on my throne was “Big Gay” Matt. Brian and him were in a conversation about hotels when I took my place by the door. Brian was fanning himself with my fan. We started talking about the prank call that I made on Thanksgiving, pretending to be a girl “with weak ankles” that had a crush on him. He fell for it pretty hard. Around 11 o’clock, the rest of the household arrived and we played Uno for a long time (I won) and then decided to go to the bar. After Jeremy played a couple of his new songs, we sat back out for another hour or so before he realized, too late, that he had taken too many pulls of Jim Beam. He passed out on the couch and the rest of us hailed a cab. Once inside, Matt took it upon himself to play cash cab with us. “This one is worth one dollar: what is the tire pressure ratio to landing ratio to wingspan ratio to…(something unintelligible) ratio of a plane?” Huh?….none of us won the dollar.

Once at the bar, we all ordered our beers and sat outside. I people watched as usual, while the boys talked about other things. Rachel arrived just as Matt was high fiving everyone that he came in contact with. He was pretty drunk at this point. I had an extremely difficult time repressing my laughter, seeing as Matt is 6’6 and super jolly all the time. People were very confused by this hunk of mass yelling and laughing while he “made friends” with the Tuesday bar hoppers of Raleigh. After drunken Brian bought us a round of soko and lime, we decided that it was time to head home. The six of us squeezed inside of Rachel’s ’95 Accord. On the way home, Matt kept on shoving his giant foot into Brian’s grumpy face and I laughed harder than I have in a very, very long time, while Rachel and the rest of the car sang to TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

Home: We all stumbled onto the porch a lot happier than when we had left it. We decided that it was time for a game of “much borracho”. Four games and two pizzas later, someone had found the ginormous sharpie pen that had been left out after the last art adventure. Matt grabs it and runs inside. I’m glad that I had decided to follow him because the sight that followed was well worth the sore abdomen and jaw that I woke up to this morning. Matt was sitting next to a passed out Jeremy, wearing lime green rimmed sunglasses, drawing all over Jeremy! This morning, Jeremy woke up with a fresh set of kitty whiskers, and “butt sex” scribbled clumsily on his leg. He decided to keep the leg art, but managed to wash off the whiskers.

Today: The boys have driven off to the beach, for a two day camp out adventure. I have to work, so I stayed behind. I have the house to myself, and it is a recovery night for me complete with a wonderful book and a box of cookies.



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