Oh I almost forgot!


This happened about three days ago:

I got home after a shopping adventure (work clothes) at the mall, only to find Jeremy snoozing lazily on the couch. After a cold shower, and a couple of cups of coffee, I decided that Jeremy needed to see my favorite place in Raleigh before he left. We walked the two mile walk to Bishop’s park, and watched the children playing with their dogs, while their chubby mothers chased them. We were talking about the meaning of life when my bladder nearly exploded. I was forced to use the (very clean) porta-potty. When I hobbled back up the hill to our bench, we decided to walk the extra half-mile to Glenwood South for a “couple of beers”.  On the way there, Jeremy stopped and chatted with nearly every passerby and said “See! Making friends is easy!”

We strolled along at a typical Carolina pace before we found a nice little Irish pub, The Hibernian (if you ever visit Raleigh, check this place out it’s awesome!) He insisted on buying me a beer, and I ordered a plate of delicious fried cheese. We sat outside, and before an hour had lapsed, everyone including the owner of the place, knew Jeremy’s name. Four free beers and a couple of cigarettes later (oops!) Jeremy decided that he was too drunk, or lazy to walk back home so he grabbed my phone and called Brian announcing that we needed a ride home. Poor Brian, he was fast asleep when his phone rang! He came and scooped us up, and we (Jeremy and I) decided that tonight was going to be a dancing night.

I changed into my ridiculous too-too skirt, and once the rest of the house had arrived, we announced the plans for the night. We ran out onto Glenwood and true to our typical form, stole some bar-hopper’s cab. We arrived in downtown Raleigh, and Jeremy (of course) stopped and chatted with a few people on the way to our favorite dancing place, Neptunes. Thanks to Jeremy, we cut to the front of the line and were let in in less than 5 minutes.

We all ordered beers and shots, and Jeremy and I made our way to the dance floor. After an hour, we were all drunkenly laughing and dancing all over the place, and somehow, I managed to find glow sticks and started raving to the Talking Heads. It must have been two o’clock when we hopped back into another stolen cab, and made our way back home.

Once we were comfortably situated on the porch, and I had chugged a couple of glasses of water, BJ gets a phone call from Rachel. She was having a dancing party at her house and she wanted us to come. Of course we all gladly consented! The four of us hop into BJ’s car and we burst through her front door five minutes later. The music was playing, but nobody was on the dance floor. After we all grabbed a beer, Jeremy (of course) happily hops onto the dance floor and starts wiggling around. We all followed him, and there it was! Our promised dance party had officially begun! BJ did his “Jangles” moves, and I twirled around and around, while Jeremy danced in the center of a dance circle. More people arrived, and the dance floor started to get crowded. Everyone was having a great time, jumping around with no inhibitions, beers in hand. It was awesome!

It was about five o’clock when we decided that it was time to head home. All of us squeezed into Rachel’s Honda, and made our way back home, to the porch. Jeremy played some music, and I drank more water, while BJ and Rachel snoozed on their folding chairs.

I woke up with a light buzz the next morning. Jeremy and I walked to the coffee shop, then to the farmer’s market, ate a giant watermelon, and watched True Life for the rest of the next day.



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