Monthly Archives: October 2011



I finally quit my job. Everything is a mess, so to speak. I guess it is always very messy whenever I try to start a new chapter of my life. Sometimes the messes are awesome and other times they are painful and hard to clean up. This mess is of the painful quality. I want to move back to Miami and the thought that I probably won’t see the people who I live and hang out with ever again is excruciating. I was skimming through some of my old posts, diaries, journals; just trying to see if I had any awesome advice for myself hidden in my small archives and I found myself reading my old brainstorms about how I feel in this city. I find my thoughts muddled by emotions, I need to clear my head and figure out precisely what I am doing, what is keeping me here, and more importantly, if those people and places and things out weigh my need for family and freedom. I have about two more weeks to get my life in order; the easiest thing to do emotionally, would be to stick around and find another job. The practical thing (hardest thing) would be to move back home and get my life in order. I am a pretty strong person, but I feel like this challenge is definitely testing exactly how strong I really am.