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Let Me Fly


I think that it’s time to move on. This job has me bound in chains that I locked onto myself–and I don’t do very well in chains. Apparently, I am not cut out for fake smiles and passive masks when my words are wrenching about in here waiting to boil over and sabotage my fruitful efforts at a peaceful and friendly work place. On the other hand, there is a lot to learn here. Running away is not always the answer. I have a feeling that this is going to unravel and become a valuable lesson, as most tough situations are. A lot of these issues are my fault and I am willing to own up to that. I am human and I make mistakes. I don’t expect to be babied around; I need to take the rough road sometimes, otherwise learning those valuable lessons would be impossible. But when is it enough? Maybe it is really time to move on. The next door might lead to a better room.


Crispy: How to meditate in the sun


It was so nice to finally use my little fan from Barcelona again.

Laying out in the sun is a really nice way to re-energize, and rid oneself of all the brown energy that has been trapping itself in the system over the cold months. The sun being the most powerful energy source of all, gives off a wonderful yellow light that strikes the solar plexus, root, and sacral chakras best, for me at least. As for all of the others that need some healing, that will come along with the rest.

Meditating in the heat can be difficult, especially when there isn’t a pool to jump in when it gets too hot. My solution was a gallon of water lying at the ready, and of course, my fan. The happiest music in my i-phone was blasting in my ears and I inhaled imaginary yellow stuff from the sun, and exhaled imaginary brown (negative) energy that has been sitting in my system for months.

I silenced my mind by picturing myself in an elevator slowly creeping up to the top floor (seven). You might be wondering how it is possible to silence the mind while listening to loud music, well, it is pretty easy as long as it suits the levels that you are trying to reach. Personally, music always helps me, as for others, well I can’t really speak for them.

Anyway, the elevator ride symbolizes the energetic body. Each floor being a different chakra. A great trick is to divide your physical body into seven parts, and relax each of these one by one. You can do this as many times as you need to, just remember to take slow, deep breaths.

Root: Security, self-worth, addiction, finances, karma. This chakra is the most important one because it helps the others function properly. Think of a tree; it can’t survive without it’s roots. This is our connection to the earth.

After your body is relaxed, breathe in the light from the sun, targeting the first floor (root chakra). Picture the light running through your body in ribbons, sort of like a highway. Let it blanket the root chakra, which I always picture as a little red orb located at the base of the spine. When you exhale, picture the brown energy being pushed out by the light and think of something that was worrying you, or weighing you down in terms of self worth, finances, and security. Let that leave your body through your mouth. I usually work on this one at least three times before moving on to the rest, seeing as it is the most important of the seven.

Sacral: Located at the navel, this chakra controls our emotions, sexual activity, our ability to make decisions, letting go, creativity.  Color: Orange.

This is one of the chakras that I found the most improvement in with this meditation. You are going to do the same thing that you did with your root, the only difference being what you let go of (a break up, writers block…etc.). I like to picture this one glowing after the positive light hits it. As I am an artist, this is one of the more important ones for me.

Solar Plexus: This is the yellow chakra. It is highly associated with self-esteem, fear of rejection, aura, freedom, ego, personal power, life force, sunlight.

This is the last chakra that you are going to concentrate on during this meditation. This one is also highly influenced by the sunlight. People who are sensitive to the sun, or have lived in an area where they don’t get enough sun usually have a weak solar plexus chakra, and have to find other ways to heal it. We are going to do something a little different with this one, seeing as it also controls the image that we project to the world and the will to live. Take the deepest breath that you can take, and hold it for five seconds. Let the light from the sun blanket, penetrate, and center itself in the middle of the yellow orb, allow yourself to feel heat in your belly (I know, I know! You are in the sun, so it’s hot!). Before you exhale,  imagine a situation where you have been terribly rejected, trapped, or criticized; a moment where you have questioned your life force. Then watch as the sunlight light spreads like little veins and pushes all of that trapped negativity out. Exhale what is being thrown away. Exhale all the way until you can’t anymore. If there is any more negativity left in there, do it again but not more than three times! I don’t want you to pass out. The deeper set problems are things that can be healed over time.

When you are coming out of this meditation, it is very important that you do so properly.

After working on the solar plexus chakra, watch the light glowing from the three centers. Let it sink in, let the highways finish guiding the light to the energy. Keep on breathing the same way that you have been breathing during the meditation. Picture your elevator, you are on the top floor. As you stop on each floor  wake up your body by wiggling your toes, fingers, arms, etc. When you reach the ground floor, open your eyes and enjoy your new state of mind!

P.S Don’t forget your sun screen!

P.P.S This doesn’t take as long as it seems. It took me like 15 minutes.