Hello world! My name is Katryna and my brain is always busy. You see, I have these things called book bees flying around in there. Every moment in my life is a part of a never ending story, although every situation has a beginning a middle and an ending like a book. Or, that is the way that I see the world, to say the least. Sometimes I’ll flip through some of the books that have already ended, usually my favorite ones, and have nostalgic moments. Every moment is a part of one of those books. That is what I am sharing–sort of, through stories or random trains of thought. Welcome to my book bee busy mind world.



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  1. hey katryna thanks for stopping by my blog. i hope your friend situation improves like mine did. for me, i still hang out with them but now they’re considered superficial friends ya know? then i just made new ones that provide the substantial type of friendship i need. 🙂 best of luck to you!

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